Conscious Movement Retreat in Austria
17-19 September

Release to Create

A 2,5 day space that you can retreat to, in order to reconnect to yourself and access your ability to make your dreams come true.

Before moving on, take a few deep breaths and try to sense your energy and thoughts that come to your awareness, when you read the following:

  • Do you have any dreams?
  • Do they have any impact on the choices you make in your life?
  • Would you dare to dream bigger, or maybe more?
  • Do your dreams reflect what your soul wants to be?
  • What is holding you back from taking your dreams seriously?

We can answer that last question.

Your limiting beliefs!

What are limiting beliefs?

If we look at the words, both have a neutral connotation. They are neither good nor bad. A belief is simply “something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion”. A limitation can either refer to a hindrance or to healthy boundaries that create clear structures. So limiting beliefs are thoughts, opinions that one believes to be the absolute truth but are stopping them from moving forward and grow

See what we did there? We deconstructed the term “limiting belief”. We can do the same with dreams.

You might not be pursuing your dreams because you don’t even dare to do dream. Dreams are big and scary and impossible to achieve, right? Or maybe they are just to be held as utopian goals. Your environment (parents, school, friends, etc) told you that life is hard, earning money should be the end goal, changing professions is a sign of inconsistency, intellect is the most important trait, being with the head in the clouds is a weakness. 


Do you recognise the stories above as being limiting beliefs?

How many do you relate to?

Well, let us tell your that these limiting beliefs (whether you believe it or not) are also stored in your body. Beliefs, no matter if they are limiting or not, live deeply in the comfort of your own subconscious mind-body and they impact your life without you even noticing them. You become aware of them only if they are challenged, and you are open to take a look at them. Often, it happens when you have to change something in your life (job, relationship, country, etc) or you are confronted with a decision or disturbing situation.

Anything that requires your attention, will want to access your deep knowledge and patterns to look for an answer on how to proceed. Bringing unconscious beliefs to light allows you to take a critical look at them before you simply trust them and act as usually.

You have the power to change the narrative. You have the power to stop and observe if whatever comes up is limiting you in any way to pursue what your true Self desires. How, you might ask? By intentionally purifying your desires, understanding where they come from, by moving your attention into your emotional body, and by being present so that you can SENSE the next steps.

In these 2,5 days we want to create a safe space where you can playfully explore your own limiting beliefs. As a first step, we want to shift your focus on dreams from where you’re going to into where you’re coming from. Then, when this starts to be clear, there is nowhere else to go, you are already here, living your dreams!

What you need to know

  • The location at the beautiful space called Herzgarten, 1,5h away from Vienna
  • It is very easy to reach by train from Vienna to Amstetten, where you will be picked up by car and brought to the location (10 minutes away)
  • The program will start on Friday evening, the 17th at 6pm with an opening ceremony
  • You will sit in silence, journal, meditate, do yoga, move, dance, interact with others, both inside the space and in nature, share stories at the bonfire, sit by the lake, take breaks and feel amazing!
  • The maximum number of participants for the retreat is 10 people 
  • The price of the retreat is 188 Euro early-bird until September and 244 after the 1st of September, which includes:
    • 2,5 days of workshops, yoga, dancing, moving, sensing
    • Meals and snacks, which will include vegan options as well
    • Accommodation is extra and can be: 15€/ night in one shared room, (bring your own sleeping bag) or in nearby guesthouse: Landgasthof Kremslehner (double room: 76€ /night) – to be booked directly

About your hosts


Ana has a background in Psychology, Learning and Development, Experience design and Dance. She has extensively taught social dances and trained in Social Presencing Theater and Holistic Dance. 

In her workshops, she invites you to sense, move and transform to explore your highest potential.


Andra is a growth consultant and yoga teacher, a seeker at heart and genuinely passionate about personal and professional growth. She values harmony and authenticity, and has the superpower of follow-through.

She uses chakras as a holistic system of personal growth and aims to bring people to that place of abundance and wholeness.

Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs and start creating your dreams?