Unlock the wisdom of your body to discover your true self


7-week yoga course for self-discovery.  

  • Learn what’s holding you back in reaching your highest potential
  • Understand how your body, mind and soul are interconnected
  • Become more aware of your psychosomatic dis-ease
  • Develop a routine with daily online yoga practice
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    Yoga for personal growth

    Yoga is more than pretzel poses and headstands

    You probably started practicing yoga to be in shape and increase your flexibility. Or even to lower your work related stress. And you kept at it because it provides a sense of balance and general well-being. And that’s fantastic! But what if I told you that you could even use yoga as an ultimate tool for self-discovery?

    What others say about the last batch

    The techniques

    This course is for you

    You want more from your yoga practice then just a kickass body 😉

    You need more clarity on your passion is and the confidence to pursue it

    You want to get unstuck and discover what is truly meaningful to you

    You're ready to awaken your potential by unlocking your body-mind wisdom

    You love personal development and ready to invest your time to grow

    You generally want more balance and well-being in your life

    The holistic framework for personal growth

    To understand the body/mind connection, let’s imagine you want to bake a cake. You need:

    An empty bowl - your mind

    The recipe - your consciousness

    The ingredients - your body

    Now that we have the necessary components, what kind of cake do you want to bake? There are millions of sorts. But only one is really suited to your taste.

    To find that one we need to understand what you like, dislike, what’s holding you back like beliefs about eating sugar or our ability to cook or even if cooking is enjoyable for you. You need to be confident that you’re actually gonna pull it off. If you bake it for someone you love, it brings much more joy and meaning. The shape and form and toppings you use, are your form of expression. Being able to visualize how you will surprise your friend with it, is vital for a successful party.

    So before you even begin baking, you have a clear picture of how your authentic self is manifested into that special cake.


    Your steps of personal growth

    Grounding >>
    Before you start growing, you need to ground yourself into here and now. Without accepting and strengthening your roots, your position will always be shaky.
    Joy >>
    The second step in your personal growth journey is to discover what brings you joy. Learning to not take your reality so seriously is just one of the things that we will begin cultivating.
    Confidence >>
    After you have your grounding and know what makes you happy, it’s about cultivating your self-esteem. How confident are you in who you really are what you currently have?
    Love >>
    The inner fire and personal power created before, needs to give way to love and compassion if you really want to create something of meaning.
    Expression >>
    If you have the confidence and act from a place of meaning and compassion, you need to raise your voice and let yourself be heard.
    Insight >>
    The last step before your personal enlightenment is opening up and trusting your intuition. The path that you’re about to walk on is purely yours and you need the insights of your intuition to get there.

    Where does the body come in the equation?

    Just imagine. You have a difficult conversation with your boss. Your mind is over analyzing every possible scenario of how this could go wrong. The stomach aches  are getting worse and the toilet becomes your safe place. All the while, your soul is searching for a reason why you’re even in a job you dislike. Maybe quit and start that cupcake business you’re dreaming about?

    This is a typical situation in which your body, mind and soul are disconnected. The yoga course I’m teaching, brings these three into absolute harmony. Through it, you will gain a little mastery over your body, thoughts, emotions and energy, so that the best of your abilities will naturally come to the surface.

    You become more aware and slowly start waking up. To who you truly are.

    The body

    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" - Lao Tzu

    Who guides you

    The best part: you’re not alone!

    You already have everything you need to step into the most genuine and authentic version of yourself. And I am just here to help you organize those pieces of the puzzle and find any missing blocks.

    I’m a growth consultant with 7 years of creating marketing strategies for startups and a yoga teacher for 2 years. Beyond these labels, I’m a seeker at heart and genuinely passionate about personal and professional growth. I value harmony and authenticity, ask really good question and have the superpower of follow-through.

    The course was born due to a necessity for a holistic system of personal growth. Neither the yoga postures, nor the purpose coaching, got me to a place of abundance that I find myself in right now.

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    The benefits of the course

    You’re about to go on a 7 week self-discovery journey into many dimensions of yourself. This journey will take you from your basic physiological and psychological needs in life, all the way to the discovery of your true Self and the path that would make you most fulfilled in life.

    Become fit and flexible

    Lower stress and anxiety

    Find what brings you joy

    Learn to appreciate and trust your intuition

    Be more confident in who you are

    Develop creativity and means of expression

    Get clear about your vision and ideas

    Become disciplined and committed

    Be more aware of your purpose

    I can’t promise you enlightenment but many insights and realizations about what brings you meaning and joy. By working on your inner world, you’ll see shifts in every area of your life. Your life will start to feel more like you.

    Video content
    Time to find your more authentic self
    Your daily commitment
    What awaits you

    Get ready for the journey inward

    • A complete 7 week long online course about your mind-body dimensions (chakras) and how you can implement them in your self-discovery journey
    • 7 pre-recorded videos for each area that we will be exploring, that include yoga practices, meditation, chanting, breathing and a bit of conscious dance
    •  A 45 page workbook for journaling, where you get to ponder on the different aspects of that chakra
    • A set of weekly tips and challenges that you can integrate into your day, to make your practice even deeper A community where we all share our thoughts, ideas, doubts, feedback and also push each other to complete the course.
    • Quizes, which tell you how open or closed specific mind-body dimensions are for you
    • Possibility to hop on a call with me or ask me questions whenever needed
    • A great introduction to understand and release some of your psychosomatic pains 

    Self-discovery exercises for every week









    I Ching





    Why do this

    Reasons for joining

    • To release limiting beliefs about our yourself
    • To open up to new possibilities
    • Fully express your unique abilities and interests
    • Live your life and your practice with intention
    • Have help for follow-through from a disciplined guide (me)
    • Access to a community to reach out to
    • More than happy to invest your time and money in personal growth
    • Want to know more about psychosomatic pain 


    LuciaYoga Teacher and Video Editor

    Andra truly understands the deeper layers of yoga and how everything is interconnected. I was very fortunate to have completed the teacher training with her. She can give you the best introduction to chakras and how you can transform your life with this framework.

    NataliyaDigital marketer and yoga enthusiast

    Thank you so much!! I’ve done lots of online courses and from the first minutes can feel whether I will connect with the teacher. I can’t describe, I feel the cosmos, I understood and realized with a surprise that inner journeys might be very exciting and I learnt so much about myself through your practices. Thank you for the work you’ve put in and I will continue to enjoy.

    SergiuFounder and CEO Artivive

    I never thought I would be interested in yoga and meditation. I see myself as a confident and grounded person, but meditation and yoga with Andra helped me understand and follow my feelings, thoughts and listen to my body. I'm much more balanced, calm and happy. So happy Andra had the patience and found the right mix for me. I feel that I'm more purpose-driven and see the world with other eyes. Cannot imagine that there is somebody who would not profit from Andra's courses.

    Want to start growing?